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Feb 03, 2022

Present the Concept and Pass the Potatoes

Robert Smith RGD

About this video


This is about techniques on presenting concepts to clients. I use the idea of a family dinner where everyone is looking for something different. It is the same meal but some want a bit of everything, some people are picky, others will complain etc...

Many of us struggle when it comes to presenting concepts. After all of the hair pulling, teeth gnashing and head banging, we finally arrived at a solution for the client. It is tight, on strategy and dynamight. Or so we think. But what about the client? What will they think? Anxiety rounds the corner and hits you at full force. Shit… We have all heard the “think of everyone in their underwear” advice to lessen the stress but honestly….underwear? For me it makes more sense to think of presentation meetings like family dinner.