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Jan 06, 2022

Positioning and Specialization

Emily Cohen

About this video


This talk will focus on evaluating, defining and landing on a way to differentiate your firm or services within a highly saturated market. During your time with Emily, you will evaluate how to look at your business from a 30,000-foot view, understand the questions you should be asking and consider the pro’s and con’s of being a generalist vs a specialist. Not so subtle hint: this session will make a strong case for specialization and help you navigate all the perceived challenges and concerns you may have of taking a stand on who you are, who you work with and what you do.


Emily Cohen

A brutally honest consultant, Emily has consulted and worked with many leading design firms across the US and Canada. Her key business insights and strategies have helped firms become more effective, profitable and fun to work at. Emily conducts strategic business planning retreats and provides confidential, best-practice insights and advice on staff, client and process management. She shares her expertise through speaking, guest posts, a Skillshare class, webinars, industry activism and in her new book for creatives, Brutally Honest. Emily is a fast-talker, a designer by degree, an avid reader, a trend-spotter, a connector and her client’s advocate.