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Nov 02, 2023

Advocating for Design

Emily Cohen
Photo of speaker Emily Cohen on-stage

About this video


Are your clients not seeing the value your firm provides? Do you struggle to communicate your value? Does this impact your team, your bottom line and your happiness at work? Our industry is at a value crossroads. We all contribute to this value challenge by not advocating for ourselves. Join Emily to understand the perception of our industry’s value and discuss how we all can better advocate for our profession.


Emily Cohen

Emily is a no-nonsense business consultant who has partnered with 500+ leading creative firms worldwide. Emily and her partner offer customized business solutions to creative businesses. Emily has spoken at hundreds of conferences and events for organizations. In 2018, she self-published her book, “Brutally Honest: No-bullshit business strategies to evolve your creative business.” Brutally Honest has become a go-to business book for creative industry professionals worldwide, and several universities use it as a teaching tool.