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Nov 09, 2010

Museum as Design Platform

Andrew Blauvelt

About this video


The Walker recently became the first non-profit organization to receive a National Design Award, an honour normally reserved for companies such as IBM, Apple and Nike. What does it mean for a museum to become a hub and what role can design thinking and designers play? Andrew illustrates this with several projects: a website focused on aggregation and content synergy, an online, print-on-demand publishing strategy and examples of how an in-house design studio can not only create innovate work for outside clients but also partner with civic groups to tackle larger problems.


Andrew Blauvelt

After a decade teaching design internationally, Andrew gave up tenure and moved to Minnesota to become director of the design studio at the Walker Art Center. His work has been exhibited and published worldwide, receiving more than 100 awards. As curator of architecture and design he has organized several exhibitions including the aesthetics of suburbia, prefabrication in residential architecture, and an upcoming contemporary graphic design show. Andrew’s writings range from short blogs about the rainbow flag to editing academic journals to his recent discussion of toothpicks and hamster-controlled vacuums in the film Objectified.