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Nov 02, 2011

Measuring the business value of design

David MacKay

About this video


Marketers are demanding metrics to measure the effectiveness of their initiatives to engage customers. Web analytics has become significantly more sophisticated than simply measuring eyeballs. From customer acquisition and conversion to real time interaction and intelligence gathering and analysis, the information can help creative professionals fine tune design ideas and execution and provide invaluable strategic counsel to clients. David explains what designers and marketers need to know about web analytics and how to apply the information to design thinking.


David MacKay

David MacKay is Country Manager, Omniture, Adobe Systems, where he oversees the client relations and business development for various industry sectors in the region. An expert in the web analytics,David helps clients deliver measurable results and deploy resources strategically to meet their business objectives and to demonstrate ROI. With more than 15 years experience, David has worked with leading enterprises in the channel, technology, financial services and professional services sectors.