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Jun 01, 2022

Designing for Invisibility

Elizabeth Paul
Elizabeth Paul on stage presenting

About this video


"In a world where 84% of ads are never seen, most brands are functionally invisible. Good design has the power to fight invisibility — arresting our attention, creating meaning without interruption and communicating in ways most brand marketers only dream of. But beyond fighting invisibility, design has the power to use invisibility. In recent years neuroscientists and behavioral economists have confirmed what philosophers and artists have long known — we are not thinking creatures who feel; we are feeling beings who post-rationalize our experience. In this session we will explore the power of design to create brand worlds that resonate on unconscious levels. We'll discuss ways to use the invisible facets of emotion to create visibility for clients.


Elizabeth Paul

Elizabeth is a sponge of humanity. She the person you want on your trivia team—equally versed in ;Schitt Creek as she is in pop psychology and behavioural economics. As one of the youngest chief strategy officers in the industry, she the match behind numerous brand hot streaks and award-winning campaigns. She doesn't just read about culture; she creates it. As CSO, Elizabeth makes sure The Martin Agency embraces every chance and challenge to lean into the agency's mission to fight invisibility. She authored the Visibility Brief, an open-source tool to check bias blind spots and illuminate insights in a way that also broadens our perspectives as marketers. The tool has been downloaded 24,000 times (from Brazil to Great Britain) — and is being used by competitive agencies, brands and universities all over the world. Under her leadership, Martin work has become more representative of culture for GEICO, Old Navy, OREO, DoorDash and UPS (to name a few). Elizabeth was named AdAge CSO of the Year in 2021, Campaign US Strategist of the year in 2020 and helped lead The Martin Agency to become Adweek U.S. Agency of the Year in back-to-back years (only the third agency to accomplish this) and land on Ad Age 2021 A-List. She is also chair of the 4As Strategy Committee.