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Jun 08, 2022

Inclusive Design Case Study

Erin Grandmaison RGD

About this video


As in-house designers, we must design for a diverse world. Diversity and inclusion work demands that we think broadly and deeply about the multiplicity of lenses through which individuals view and experience the world: age, ability, ethnicity, gender, race, sexuality and socioeconomic background, to name a few. Join our presenters as they share in-house case studies and discuss considerations when working to design for diversity, inclusion and accessibility. This case study from Bruce Power discusses a diversity and inclusion initiative in its Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Engagement Program. Through the design of the initiative, goals of fostering community collaboration and building relationships are brought to life. The project is in alignment with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action and the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business' Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program.

Erin Grandmaison RGD

Bruce Power

Erin’s creative skills and experience deliver unique insights to the needs of each project.

She is an award-winning graphic designer that started her career in Toronto, bringing campaigns to life for one of Canada’s leading architecture and interior firms. Her signage and design within the collaborative team can be found in well-known buildings such as Pearson Airport, York University, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and the Hershey Centre. Erin is known for her imaginative work that are still succinct and informative and is currently using those skills at Bruce Power as a Senior Designer. Erin supports wellness and community activism by being a founding and executive member of the local endurance events group, Race Huron and volunteering as a YMCA/MOSSA fitness instructor. She is an RGD member, is on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and has been a Student RGD judge.