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Dec 18, 2022

Case Studies in Accessible Design

Sabrina Young RGD, and Michael J. Young RGD

About this video


While many designers are upping their technical skills in accessibility, taking the time to understand the end user is key to creating inclusive designs. Whether you are a new or experienced designer, there is always more to learn about how design is consumed by those with disabilities. Join us as we take a deep dive into three case studies featuring accessibility in design and answer your questions too!

Diana Campbell RGD
Diana walks us through her journey to find purpose in design at Alberta Blue Cross. From soapbox to championship; she shares the ups, the downs and the messy middle of transforming the company's practices to be inclusive for all.

Michael J. Young: Hurry Up and Wait: Design Advice from a Public Servant
Michael reflects on how he's learned to navigate the Ontario government and thrive as an in-house designer. He will share design and career advice from his own journey of learning and re-learning what it means to create accessible designs.

Sabrina Young RGD
Join Sabrina as she recounts Canada Life’s accessibility journey and how her team has set things up to make it easier on designers making accessible files.

Sabrina Young RGD

Sabrina is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer with 19 years of industry experience ranging from small advertising agencies to large in-house creative teams. Sabrina has a strong focus on user-centric design initiatives and brings a unique analytical and strategically creative perspective to her work. She is also known as a digital document accessibility expert.