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Nov 07, 2013

If You Have A Brain, You Are Creative

Michael Gough

About this video


Imagine a world without creatives driving the next generation of innovation. This reality is coming. We are all born creative, yet today’s education system stifles creative expression and celebrates test scores and ultimately re-enforces elitism. In this talk, Michael will share some of the recent thinking necessary to inspire a new generation of collaborative creatives and the dynamics that redefine how designers create.


Michael Gough

As Adobe’s VP of Experience Design, Michael’s global XD team spans architects, academics, sculptors, DJs, writers, designers and engineers with expertise ranging from interaction and visual design to research, information architecture and programming. A long-time design evangelist and advocate for the next generation of creatives, Michael has been pushing the envelope with disruptive designs and technology innovation for years. Prior to joining Adobe, he was Chief Creative Officer at Macromedia and served as VP of Brand at Nike.