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Mar 01, 2022 Available for 12 days

Designing for Health Panel

About this video


Can design save lives? In the wake of COVID-19, it has become clear that effective communication can make vital contributions to our personal and collective health. Join our speakers as we explore the use of graphics in the front-line response to epidemics, the relationship between health and design systems and what it means to design with someone's life in mind.

Samiah Dunac: Access to Equitable Care

In this talk, Samiah explores how a radical empathy mindset can be used as a framework for building customer first insights that can enable equity-centred design and why it's important. She'll provide a deep dive into the thinking behind the Access to Equitable Care initiative, an initiative within Philips that works to better understand barriers to healthcare for people of colour in a mature market, specifically the United States. She'll share how her team's is working to better inform inclusive design thinking and high-quality healthcare solutions for all.


Katie Mccurdy, Design Consultant Founder at Pictal Health
Katie is on a mission to use visual communication and human-centered design to help patients tell their stories, help providers focus on the work they love and facilitate better collaboration between all healthcare stakeholders. Prior to founding Pictal Health, Katie spent three years consulting with the University of Vermont Medical Center, using human-centered design to improve the patient and provider experience. She has also designed apps and products for startups Mymee, Medal, Medivo and Notabli; health data non-profit Open mHealth; and clients like LabCorp, Verizon and Johnson Johnson. Katie holds a Masters of Science in Information with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan School of Information.

Samiah Dunac, Digital Art Director at Philips
A multi-disciplinary designer, art director and storyteller Samiah has worked at some of the top agencies and corporations including Digitas, Arnold Worldwide, Partners Simons and Nokia. In her work at Philips, she focuses on creating strategically crafted experiences and campaigns. She is passionate about developing rich, meaningful and emotional connections with consumers and customers. Most recently, Samiah has been working alongside a core team to better understand barriers to equitable access to healthcare for people of colour in the United States.

Akansha Kukreja, Design Lead at TIA
Akansha is an Indian-born graphic designer and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She focuses on bringing together visual design and healthcare through her work. She previously worked at Siegel+Gale in New York and Thought Over Design in Mumbai and has also served as a design consultant across a variety of industries. Tia is a women healthcare company based in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2019, Akansha received a Master Degree in the Designer as Author and Entrepreneur Program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.