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Apr 27, 2022 Available for 6 days

How to choreograph better design presentations

About this video


Presented by Kenneth Hou, Simon Morrison and Elaine Tran

*This webinar sponsored by the Konrad Group*

Once a design is out in the world, it should be intuitive enough to speak for itself, but in the design process, somebody needs to be able to articulate the design decisions to get the project off the ground. How can we make our design conversations more inclusive, interesting and effective? From creating stakeholder personas, to arranging your story curve, and setting up your presentation file, the Konrad design team will share ideas so you can more effectively choreograph your next design meeting.


Elaine Tran

Elaine is a Senior Experience Designer at Konrad Group with years of experience in product design. While working at Konrad, she has had the opportunity to really accelerate her growth and work closely with clients from a broad range of industries including automotive, transportation, payment processing and finance.

Simon Morrison

After originally starting out as a “jack of all trades” in the digital world, Simon’s yearning for creativity and imagination led him into UX design. His 10+ years working with a wide variety of clients across different industries has been pivotal in helping grow his ability to adapt quickly and empathize with the needs and goals of both clients and end users. He is now a Senior Experience designer at the Konrad Group.

Kenneth Hou

Kenneth is an Experience Director at Konrad Group whose main focus is on growing the design practice. He leads a team of talented designers in the Toronto office, working to cultivate an environment that’s psychologically safe and supportive. From mobile games to auditing dashboards, he’s led the design of over a hundred digital products in the last decade.