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Aug 02, 2021

Giving Good Portfolio Presentations … Virtually

Victor Szeto RGD
Image of presenter Victor Szeto

About this video


In our virtual-first world, how do we adjust our online portfolio review experience to be as dynamic as it could've been in person? In this presentation, Victor will outline quick and easy tips for students looking to learn how to best present their portfolio in a virtual setting. You'll gain the knowledge you need to present your work so it stands out online, and most importantly, proceed with confidence and professionalism.

About Victor Szeto RGD
Victor is Creative Director at Green Living Enterprises. A graduate of York/Sheridan Design program and a Member since his student days, Victor work spans experiential, print and digital media with a focus on corporate and social responsibility, cause marketing and sustainability with varied experiences within the studio, in-house and freelance spaces.

Victor Szeto RGD

Green Living Enterprises