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Victor SzetoRGD


  • Corporate Communications
  • Creative Direction
  • Design Management
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Victor Szeto RGD

Victor is the Creative Director at Green Living Enterprises. Having worked in various capacities in the graphic design field, Victor brings almost two decades of invaluable knowledge to the table. He is proud and fortunate to constantly be collaborating with passionate and interdisciplinary people where he gets to create, develop and execute a variety of visual communications all the time. The types of projects he’s involved with include environmental graphics, campaigns, and branding for the ROM, Cineplex, Scotiabank, TD Bank, Toronto Hydro, the Pembina Institute, University of Toronto, Eva’s Initiatives, B Corporation and the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.

Identifies as Creative Director / Design Manager / Design Generalist / East Asian

Toronto, ON

Member since January 28, 2010

Creative Director @ Green Living Enterprises


You should hire me because...

“I’ll be one of the most organized designers you’ll ever meet. I geek out on systems, Google Docs and project management software. By default, I order everything by colour–rainbow first, then greyscale. I’ll also help you make decisions quickly.”

I'm an RGD Member because...

“being part of this community makes me feel like I found my people. I love learning from people in different fields, but sometimes I’m the only or one of the few graphic designers in my spaces. But I know I’m not alone and other members are always willing to listen and help where they can.”

The best part about the RGD is...

“the opportunities to participate and give back. I serve on the Certification Committee which has exposed me to incredible work and inspires me to improve my design practice. I also served on the Board which was an eye-opening experience showing how thoughtful the Association is with its members and the efforts involved with their programming.”