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Jun 01, 2023

Future of Creativity

Thas Naseemuddeen
photo of Thas Naseemuddeen on-stage at DesignThinkers in Vancouver, slide on-screen says The Potential of AI.

About this video


Chat GPT3, ChatGPT4 (maybe five by the time this publishes!), Midjourney, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion are all moving beyond fun, water cooler chat and into truly transformative tools when used in the right ways. We've all heard of them, but what are creative companies doing to actually use them and integrate them into their processes? Are these ;job-killers, or simply tools that will one day feel as invisible a process as how we use, let say, spell check? By no means will this talk have all the answers, but it will provide a glimpse into how one creative agency is integrating new tools into their every day and what leaders can do to help support and develop a curiosity around exploring the edges of these new possibilities.


Thas Naseemuddeen

Thas takes pride in being the first former-figure-skating-coach-Canadian-Sri-Lankan advertising agency CEO. She is tasked with the growth of the independent creative agency Omelet. Championing the growth of the agency – creatively and financially – with the ultimate hope to prove out that nice folks can finish first. As a career-trained strategist at some of the top agencies in the world, she championed work that pushed the boundaries of creativity with brands such as Pepsi, Target, Google, Red Bull and Youtube at agencies that include BBH, Deutsch and TBWA Chiat/Day.