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Jun 08, 2021 Available for 12 days

Leading as an Introvert by Meghan D'Mello RGD

Meghan D'Mello RGD

About this video


Many designers are introverts and/or have a preference for staying behind-the-scenes. But eventually, every designer is asked to run meetings, conduct training or lead on creative pitches. Join Meghan as she presents tactics to propel you out from behind your computer screen to the front of the boardroom (or virtual screen) by embracing your existing strengths. Instead of trying to overcome introversion, you'll learn to embrace it and lead with empathy, creativity and authenticity.

About Meghan D'Mello RGD
Meghan is a Senior Graphic Designer at Plan International Canada.


Meghan D'Mello RGD

Plan International Canada

Meghan specializes in print design, illustration and motion. While she started her career on the agency side, her passion for international development, education and gender equality helped her land roles as an in-house designer for global charities, including UNICEF & Plan International. For the past 10+ years, she has prioritized working with socially-conscious businesses, not-for-profits and organizations that advance human rights – using design to bring about positive change in Canada and communities around the world.