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Jun 01, 2022

Leading with Intention by Theresa Fitzgerald

About this video


We love design! We work on lots of projects, with tight deadlines, with a range of clients around the world. It is not just the creativity of the projects, or the impact of the brand that makes us fulfilled. What makes work meaningful? And how can we lead with intention, to help create meaning In our work? Highly regarded for leading with heart and a spirit of collaboration for the kid‘s market, Theresa has grown creative teams to deliver brand excellence. It not just the joy of the design; she has a proven track record for inspiring teams. Using Sesame Street as a case study, Theresa shares how she leads with intention, while helping instill meaning for designers, and a large dose of fun in the team. Helping the team grow smarter, stronger and kinder.

About Theresa Fitzgerald

Vice President Brand Creative, Sesame Workshop, Theresa leads the in-house Brand Creative team dedicated to the mission of helping kids grow stronger, smarter and kinder. The in-house team creates global brand systems to support all the lines of business. Theresa has spent a career developing creative to entertaining, educating, and engaging young minds. Prior to Sesame, Theresa oversaw design and branding vision at Nickelodeon, Snoopy Peanuts, Scholastic, Mattel, and National Geographic. She was an adjunct professor at New York University / Steinhart teaching design, an Educational Team Member at the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt supporting Design in the Classroom, and has been a Guest Speaker at NYU, SVA, AIGA/NYC, Parsons, Cooper Hewitt Family Day, and Rochester Institute of Technology. Theresa has traveled all over the world, but always loves comes home to Brooklyn.