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Nov 01, 2022

Finding Our Value in a World of Creative AI

Archie Bagnall

About this video


New technologies often signal the arrival of new creative domains that in-turn deliver us new creative opportunities. But AI and machine learning are different because they impact the shape of the creative tools we already use. So, what are those areas of impact, and what does it mean for creatives and the value we derive from our tools? Join Archie as we explore the ways our tools and our value might be evolving.

In this session, you'll learn:
How machine learning works, and the difference between AI and ML (no computer science jargon allowed)
Where our tools are starting to use these technologies
Why creatives and machine learning are actually alike
What a future impacted by AI and machine learning might look like for creativity
Why we can be excited about our creative future


Archie Bagnall

Archie is a Senior Staff Experience Designer, AI/ML at Adobe. His projects explore the ways that artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can empower our creativity, both today and in the future. Based in California but originally from England, Archie started his career as a Graphic Designer for in-house teams in Paris (France) and then London. Before joining the Adobe Design team, Archie served as President for Orange County's chapter of AIGA, the largest professional association of designers in the world. He loves seeing and helping creatives grow in their professional journeys. Archie recently published ;Next Creative Wave, an online book of essays exploring the ways machine learning and AI technologies are impacting the world of creativity.