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Nov 11, 2019

Designing Workflows Inside an In-house Agency: The principles and the practicality by Roy Levine

About this video


Sometimes it helps to have your client sit around the corner from you, but we know the drawbacks. While working at an in-house agency has a lot of benefits, one of them typically isn't in adherence to processes. Communication and clarity can also go by the wayside. Even great systems and processes don't ensure the guy around the corner will follow them. Personality, job title, legacy processes, job joy and many other factors come into play when trying to keep everyone on the best path. We know that systems help when they're designed specifically for your environment, and when there's buy-in from those who have to follow them. In this webinar, we look at ways you can help solve your own challenges to ensure that you're spending time on the things that matter most.

- How to build a process that works for your organization
- Understanding the influencers, decision makers and gatekeepers who make things happen
- Getting buy-in

About Roy Levine, Managing Partner of Agency Inside
Roy is a bold thinking communications strategist who has inspired extraordinary change for more than 20 years. After working at Leo Burnett and BBDO, and then leading several mid-size and small agencies, he bootstrapped his own agency. He successfully grew it into a thriving group of 20, landing clients like Sony, Toshiba, Benjamin Moore, Casino Niagara, Ontario Lottery and Gaming, and others. His primary roles included business development and head of client services. Roy sold that agency to then start his own "for good" digital marketing/integrated communications company that worked exclusively with non-profits, NGO's and government.