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Jun 01, 2022

Don't be an Asshole: The Power of Being Kind in the Workplace by Grace Cho

Grace Cho on stage presenting, slide with words "Don't be an Asshole"

About this video


In this talk, Grace discusses how acting with love and kindness in the workplace has a multitude of benefits – from creating trust to delivering tangible business results.

About Grace Cho
Grace is a Korean Canadian art director and illustrator working as a creative director at Rethink. She has worked on advertising campaigns and design projects for clients like McDonald's, Vancouver Art Gallery, McCain, Heinz and Shaw. As an illustrator, she's created work for clients like The New York Times, Reader's Digest, Vancouver Mural Fest, HM x Rethink Breast Cancer and Phenomenal for Netflix. Her work has been recognized by the Clios, Communication Arts, Applied Arts, Marketing Awards, the Advertising Design Club of Canada and others.