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Jun 01, 2022

21 Ways To Shift Your Mindset And Freelance More Effectively

Aaron James & Andrew Dickson

About this video


Freelance can be a grind. You often have too much work, or not enough. Negotiating, communicating and figuring out how to work with new teams and clients can take as much time as doing the actual work. There are tactical things you can do to be a more successful freelancer. But the big moves and financial jumps happen when you are proactive about the kind of freelance career you want and put your efforts into building it. In this talk, Aaron and Andrew will share the mindset changes they have learned to make over their three combined decades of freelancing and from creating the Mt. Freelance course and community.


Aaron James & Andrew Dickson

Aaron is a freelance art and creative director with two decades experience who works with clients like Kamp Grizzly, Facebook and adidas. He also the co-owner of the soccer magazine Howler, and the athlete performance platform the Hitting Vault. Andrew is a copywriter and performer who has been freelance for 8 years after a career at Wieden+Kennedy Portland. He works with clients like Apple, Nike and Salt Straw and also hosts storytelling shows for The Moth. Together they created Mt. Freelance, a community of creative freelancers and a business course designed to help freelancers be more successful. Members span the globe and include designers, illustrators, writers, creative directors, recruiters and photographers, just to name a few. Yes of course you can join too at