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Nov 02, 2011

Design Reset

Aaris Sherin

About this video


How can we make design that we believe in, inspires future innovation, doesn’t negatively impact the planet and doesn’t exploit people? It’s not just about paper and printing anymore. This is sustainability 2.0. Learn how to transform your local community, work with like-minded professionals and forge meaningful connections between what you believe in and what you make. Explore how design process can help to create a more just and environmentally sensitive future.



Aaris Sherin

Aaris Sherin is an educator, writer and designer. An Associate Professor of Graphic Design at St. John’s University, she is author of SustainAble: A handbook of materials and applications for graphic designers and their clients, co-author of Forms Folds and Sizes: 2nd Edition and is currently working on the upcoming book, Design Elements: Color Fundamentals. Aaris is founder of Fit to Thrive, a company that addresses environmental issues through creative thinking and innovative problem-solving across media and disciplines.