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Mar 08, 2023

Creating Safe Environments for Innovation by Leo Chan

Leo Chan

About this video


Creating, sharing and exchanging ideas is the foundation of innovation. However, these actions can be scary. The human element of innovation can be a roadblock. How do you create the conditions that enable a free flow of ideas for innovation? Psychological safety is the foundation for innovation; it's also the most important factor for effective and successful teams (according to Project Aristotle, Google's two-year research study on 180 teams.) However it's not just important for teams. It's also important for yourself too. To have a psychologically safe environment, you need it both internally and externally. In this experiential workshop, participants will learn what it takes to cultivate a healthy environment that empowers courageous innovation. Participants will be equipped with tools to develop this for themselves and others.


Leo Chan

With 20+ years of experience in innovation and creativity,Leohas inspired and developed innovators and innovators-to-be across the globe.Leois a sought-after trainer, speaker and consultant for all things innovation. He's presented at many conferences including Front End of Innovation, Creative Problem Solving Institute, STORY and Design Thinking Chicago. As the Founder of Abound Innovation Inc., former Senior Innovation Lead at Chick- fil-A, and former innovator at State Farm Insurance,Leohas harnessed his unique skill sets as an expert in innovation and creativity to both identify, and raise up, future innovators.