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Feb 22, 2024

Crafting Your Unique Career Path - Navigating Non-Traditional Journeys in Design

Kyle Schruder RGD

About this video


Designers can get nervous when they feel they are not conforming to the “standard” career path in design. Kyle will share how to help designers take control and forge a path that aligns with their passions and ambitions, through an exploration of how a non-traditional career path can lead to growth and fulfillment in the design industry. In this presentation, he will share the lessons he has learned throughout his diverse design journey - from editorial design to healthcare and management consulting, and now into the exciting realm of marketing and branding. You will uncover the power of embracing "your" career path rather than adhering to predetermined norms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chasing Excitement: Kyle will break down why it's crucial to prioritize what truly excites you, rather than industry trends or where you perceive people are making the most money.
  • Stepping Out of Comfort Zones: The most dangerous thing to your career is getting too comfortable. Kyle will share how to navigate uncertainty and embrace discomfort as a catalyst for professional development.
  • Balancing Exploration and Boundaries: Master the art of balance - be open to new challenges while ensuring you protect your valuable time and energy. Kyle will provide practical strategies for navigating diverse opportunities while staying focused on your goals.
  • The Power of Self-Promotion: Embrace the courage to showcase your talents and accomplishments. Kyle will discuss the importance of self-promotion in building a successful design career, offering actionable tips to overcome the uneasy feeling that can often accompany self-promotion.

Kyle Schruder RGD

Creative Currency

I lead design at Creative Currency, leveraging my background in editorial design and branding to lead projects that help organizations tell their stories more effectively, present information more clearly, and engage audiences more deeply.

I also serve on the RGD Board of Directors, and volunteer for committees, mentoring, portfolio reviews and more.