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Aug 31, 2021

Compete with the Immortals — Building Your In-House Powerhouse

David Ogilvy

About this video


Building your in-house powerhouse to deliver public information service excellence and compete with the best in class. Over the past three years, David and the Communications Leadership Team have built a full-service in-house team from the ground up for the City of Vaughan, Canada’s fastest growing municipality. From lobbying and proving themselves to bring services in-house, to scrounging and scrapping to get equipment and infrastructure in place, they persevered and have created a team that competes with the immortals. The team has not only won more than 20 industry awards in the past two years, but they have also become in-house design leaders in the public sector. In this presentation, David will explore how, with the right people, processes and services in place, you can deliver an increased level of service, protect brand integrity and control your perception in the industry.


David Ogilvy