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Mar 20, 2020

Branding for Startups and Beyond by Radim Malinic

About this video


Storytelling has been an integral part of human evolution. For thousands of years, we have used stories to understand to the world and to make sense of it. As a creative, designer or artist, we aim to tell stories through our own work and that for others. However, it can feel intimidating to be bombarded with messages that every designer should be a storyteller. We all have our unique visions and narratives to tell. This webinar will showcase the behind the scenes of how visual storytelling can be integrated into brand identity creation to achieve visually rich design systems. It hopes to show you the way how to implement these ideas in your own work.

- Insight into building visually rich design systems
- Use of visual storytelling in branding
- Use of diverse research influences
- The importance of being a multifaceted creative
- How to build teams that pull together

About Radim Malinic
Radim is a creative director and designer living and work in London, England. He is the founder of Brand Nu, an award-winning branding and creative studio working across a broad spectrum of clients. From individuals and emerging startups all the way to multinational corporates, Brand Nu combines visually rich design, creativity and strategy in its work for the big brands of the future. Some of his clients include Harry Potter Platform 9/34, 007 Store, Bafta, Coca Cola, Google, Adobe Systems, WWF and USAID, among many others. Before finding his calling in the creative industry, Czech-born Malinic was an ice hockey player, a bassist in death metal bands, an indie DJ, a music journalist and a student of economics and business management. In March 2016, he released his debut publication Book of Ideas, Volume 2 was released in September 2018, and his latest title Book of Branding was just released in November 2019.