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Nov 02, 2020

How to Use Mistakes as Your Path to Success in the Creative Industry


About this video


SNASK recounts some of their biggest mistakes and explains what they learned as a result. This talk will be a mix of candid stories, inspirational tales and detailed case studies. SNASK is your future romance. A creative agency of misfit geniuses conquering the world through fine lookin' design and real emotions. To worry about what people think of them they see as a waste of time. As long as they stay true to themselves, they are living their dream. They see love as the only way forward, and they will never sell out or abandon their values. Standing up for their opinions and beliefs is the only way they know. They walk with their backs straight on the path to pursuing their truth. With one foot in front of the other, they seek to challenge conservative frameworks. They are doctors of disturbance, wizards of disruption and spokesmen of disobedience. They assume the responsibility to stay engaged, give a damn, and strive for empathy. There is a short word for this assumption of responsibility: love.