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Mar 01, 2022

Brand Purpose — Sustainability Focus

Teri Henman

About this video


Teri outlines the brand rejuvenation of The Body Shop and how it stayed true to the brand’s ethical heritage at a time when, more than ever, people are looking for brands with purpose. Additionally, she explains how the visual codes of eco design are changing as sustainability becomes expected and customers don't want to compromise shelf-worthyness.


Teri Henman

Teri is the Head of Global Creative at The Body Shop where she leads a team of multidisciplinary creatives from packaging design through to digital campaign content. Teri is a dynamic and driven leader, with an eye for design detail and a concept first approach to creative ideation. She has over 15 years of experience across in-house retail and branding agency roles, for companies including Interbrand, forpeople, howies, Ted Baker, Wrangler and Philips. Teri’s believes that successful creative communicates the values and purpose of a brand; her experience in branding design serves as a solid foundation for the ethical brand creative Teri crafts with her team at The Body Shop. Teri’s motivation comes from the knowledge that creative however large or small the project can have a positive impact on people’s lives.