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Nov 06, 2015

What's so funny?

Keira Alexandra, Co-founder, Work-Order

About this video


Look, think, talk, sketch, walk, eat, stop, think, build, laugh, drink, sleep, believe, wake, text, cry, try, share, build, ride, review, show, hope, trust, make, do again. What’s so funny?


Keira Alexandra, Co-founder, Work-Order

After graduating from RISD, Keira moved to New York City to work for Tibor Kalman at M&Co. followed by stints at Bureau and Number 17, MTV and Sundance Channel. She has taught in the graphic design graduate program at Yale since 1999. Keira is now partners with Kiffer Keegan in the branding and motion studio Work-Order. Their clients range from networks to newspapers to computer conglomerates, architects, filmmakers and rock bands. They just launched a festival merging of art and music called Day For Night.