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Apr 18, 2024

Arguing Drives Better Design. No It Doesn't.

About this video


Max and Jeff engage in arguments every single day, on every project they undertake. While it can be exhausting at times, their design solutions benefit from this process. But why? While failure is often celebrated, what about arguments? This talk will delve into the general science of arguing before examining how the act of disagreement is formally integrated into their distinct design process through what they refer to as 'triangulation'. The discussion will then explore how differing viewpoints have influenced some of their studio's greatest successes (such as Scotiabank Arena) and failures (like The Raptors rebrand). Max anticipates that the talk will potentially feature some genuine arguing, while Jeff disagrees, believing it will definitely include some.


  • Discover how and why to embrace the act of arguing.
  • Explore how to promote and engage in healthy dissension, and how to more formally weave it into your individual or collaborative design processes.
  • Learn how and when to argue with clients and collaborators.
  • Gain insights into how some of the brands you see every day (like Scotiabank, Scotiabank Arena, Scene+, etc...) were built on actual arguments.

About Max Sawka
Max has been working at OneMethod for an extensive period, contributing to and spearheading several of the agency's most acclaimed projects. These include Scotiabank's global rebrand, the Scene+ rebrand, Receats, La Carnita, and the Kit Kat Chocolatory. Prior to assuming the role of Managing Director, Max transitioned from a writer to Creative Director, and eventually to Strategy Director. In these roles, he played a pivotal part in devising innovative approaches to shape brand identities and communicate their narratives. Outside of work, Max is a parent to two children and is often teased for his enthusiastic support as a Stan.

About Jeffery Rae

Over the last 20 years, Jeff has dedicated himself to assisting brands in bringing their stories to fruition through design, demonstrating boundless originality and an unwavering commitment to detail. Throughout his tenure at OneMethod, Jeff has honed and enhanced the agency's unique design methodology, garnering numerous international design accolades along the way. He has spearheaded groundbreaking design initiatives for a diverse array of clients, ranging from the global rebrand of Scotiabank to the inception of numerous acclaimed restaurants in Toronto.