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Nov 06, 2023

Lose/Lose Win/Win: Strategies to Succeed for In-house Designers

Andy Epstein

About this video


Talent and expertise aren’t enough to succeed as an in-house designer. EQ, communication skills, political savvy and a bit of chutzpah are necessary best practices for achieving your goals when working as a creative in a decidedly left-brain environment. Andy learned this the hard way and will share his insights and strategies for how to manage up, manage down and play the corporate game without sacrificing your integrity and aspirations.


Andy Epstein

Currently Senior Director of Managed Services at Cella, Andy has worked in the in-house creative services space for over 35 years, successfully building and leading both small and large multidisciplinary teams in a range of industries. By leveraging both creative and operational expertise, teams under Andy’s leadership have consistently exceeded established KPIs and outperformed peer groups in the industry. He even cofounded InSource, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting in-house creative teams. It should come as no surprise that Andy published “The Corporate Crea-tive”, one of the few books specifically focused on the in-house professional.