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Sept 07, 2023

Finding Your Dream Job: Tactics & Strategies for Professional Fulfillment by Andy Epstein

Andy Epstein
illustration of sherlock holmes

About this video


While it may take some serious soul-searching and assessment of your strengths (and weaknesses) as well as intense research, finding the job that aligns with your career goals and professional passions is achievable. Cella is in the business of putting passion to work, and they have effective, actionable practices that can support creative professionals find their dream job. Whether it how to best brand yourself, design your resume, assemble your portfolio or how to do the detective work to suss out prospective employers, they'll be sharing insights to help you along the way. It may require some serious legwork, but the good news is you'll be able to draw from your creative skills to land the gig that you deserve.


Andy Epstein

Andy has worked in the in-house creative services space for over 35 years, successfully building and leading both small and large multidisciplinary teams in a range of industries. By leveraging both creative and operational expertise, teams under Andy leadership have consistently exceeded established KPIs and outperformed peer groups in the industry. He even cofounded InSource, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting in-house creative teams. It should come as no surprise, then, that Andy has publishedThe Corporate Creative, one of the few books specifically focused on the in-house professional. In his spare time, Andy is a self-professed sci-fi geek with a fascinating hobby of building clocks out of found objects. Also a daring foodie, he loves to try out dishes from different countries and cultures.