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May 14, 2020

Accessible design is good for all by Sabrina Hall

About this video


Sabrina explains how to make your designs and process more inclusive, how to advocate for this as an individual contributor or as a part of a large team. We discuss the language and terms to understand when creating inclusive work and how to partner with your team to create thoughtful, and more accessible experiences for all.

- Insight into creating accessible design framework
- The Key components to begin making an inclusive experience
- Visual design best practices for web
- How to collaborate with teams on accessible design

About Sabrina Hall
Sabrina is an Interactive Art Director at Scholastic. With a career spanning over fourteen years, and currently teaches at City Tech, and was co-chair of AIGA NY Mentoring program. Now she serves on the board for CUP (Center of Urban Pedagogy) where she works with community groups on civic engagement with design. Sabrina is passionate about speaking on accessibility in design, creating opportunities for emerging designers and advocating for equity within the field of design.