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Sept 21, 2023

Accessibility is also for Employees: Creating Inclusive Work Environments for People with Disabilities

Kaitlyn Hundt-Lippett, Samuel Proulx
Images of presenters Kaitlyn Hundt-Lippett and Samuel Proulx

About this video


We often hear about ensuring products are accessible for customers, but what about the internal tools used by your organization? The digital tools we use every day at work continue to hold many accessibility issues that block assistive technology users from accessing the same data and processes as their larger team. Fable's Community Operations Lead Kaitlyn Hundt-Lippett and Accessibility Evangelist Samuel Proulx will discuss procurement with a focus on accessibility, their experience in navigating a tool vetting process, determining manageable trade-offs and workarounds, and continuing to nurture a strong as-accessible-as-possible work culture. This webinar will provide insight into not only procurement processes and policies, but also how to create an organizational culture of accessibility and flexibility that allows all employees to do their best work.


Kaitlyn Hundt-Lippett


Samuel Proulx