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Jun 13, 2022

Accessibility in Action: Indigenous Communities

Meggan van Harten RGD, and Design de Plume Inc.

About this video


We know accessibility is good for all but what happens when accessibility principles don’t work for all Indigenous communities? In this talk, Meggan explores how cultural considerations and Indigenous perspectives encourage increased uptake of accessibility principles and how you can apply accessibility standards in a meaningful way for an Indigenous audience. Meggan will share her agency experience and how Design de Plume has created accessible Indigenous projects that are engaging and relatable for Indigenous audiences.

Meggan van Harten RGD

Design de Plume

Meggan Van Harten, RGD is Co-CEO for Design de Plume, an Indigenous and women-owned creative agency that designs inclusive and accessible solutions that resonate. She brings equity and accessibility to the heart of the business. Bringing a decade of experience in design to her leadership role, Meggan sets the vision for projects, establishes standards, and builds both business and client strategies that lead to greater impact. She recognizes the value that accessibility work creates for people, and projects, with proven results. She provides insight and implementation guidance for content writers, designers, and organizations looking to adopt accessibility into their core and ensures that compliance standards and real-world experience align in unique and innovative ways.