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Jun 20, 2022

A DAM Exploration—An Unbiased Journey through Digital Asset Management Strategies and Solutions by Benyamin Paris

About this video


Presented by Benyamin Paris, Digital Librarian at Plan International CanadaCurious how to store and retrieve your organization’s creative content? Wondering how to develop a proper cost/benefit analysis to show to executives for purchasing a license to a Digital Management Asset (DAM) system? Worried about taxonomies and naming conventions and implementation strategies….? Heard the word DAM, and unsure if it’s made of sticks?

If any or all of these questions resonate with you, then join Ben as he covers the essential features that any professional Digital Asset Management system should have. He'll also offer tips and tricks for pitching the idea and benefits of your first DAM to your management, present lessons for setting up a new DAM within your company and some best practices for file and DAM organization.

Benyamin ParisDigital Librarian, Plan International CanadaBen is the DAM guy. 

He loves helping people find the images and visual content they need. For the last three years, he has worked at Plan International Canada as Digital Librarian where he researches, updates and maintains the organization's Digital Asset Management (DAM) System. He also provides training for staff on the DAM system and offers advice and counsel in creative asset management best practices. With a Master’s Degree in Library Sciences, as well as English Literature, he has been working in the Digital Asset Management field for several years. Originally from the USA, he came to Canada for University and never left.