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NewsMay 16, 2024

Portfolio review is now optional for Provisional Membership

At the recent AGM, the Membership has voted to remove the portfolio review as a requirement for attaining Provisional RGD Membership.

Instead of being mandatory, we are now offering new Provisional RGD Members a free review within the year they join as part of one of our Career Weeks.

A Provisional RGD Member is one who:

  • Has provided evidence of successfully completing a recognized design-related, post-secondary diploma or degree program.
  • Has 8 or fewer years of professional graphic design experience.

Provisional RGD Membership offers you a Professional Designation and opens up a world of networking and promotional benefits. Provisional RGDs contribute content, receive a Directory profile with portfolio gallery, can serve on Committees, be featured and act as mentors

The fee is $175 in Canadian dollars, does not include sales tax based on your location.

What is the value of the Portfolio Review? Now optional

It is an opportunity to make a connection in the industry, get feedback on your work and learn more about how to succeed. To hear from new Provisionals about their experiences, click her.

Click to see the benefits that RGD offers across categories.


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