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NewsApr 20, 2024

Introducing the DesignThinkers Podcast

In celebration of 25 years of DesignThinkers, the RGD is launching a podcast where we dig into our archives and reconnect with 25 past speakers about their talks and ideas which have shaped our flagship event.   

Hosted by RGD President, Nicola Hamilton with branding, editing and coordination by Ashley Tomlinson Provisional RGD, the first episode featuring Paula Scher will premiere on April 29. 

Featuring conversations with some of the biggest names to grace the DesignThinkers stage, in the podcast, they reflect on their careers and experiences at DesignThinkers in the recent and not-so recent past. Also included are audio clips of past talks.

"The list is amazing! All credit there goes to our Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, who really outdid herself on the guest list. We’ve already spoken with Paula Scher, Lauren Hom, Annie Atkins, Brian Collins, Sagi Haviv, Ellen Lupton, Aaron Draplin, Forest Young, Erin Sarofsky, Michael Beirut, Steven Heller, Chip Kidd and Debbie Millman," offers Nicola

"Neither of us have been attending DesignThinkers from the beginning, so having an excuse to dig into the video archive was a treat. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge. We also really enjoyed speaking with past DesignThinkers Brand Partners for our bonus episodes. We’ve learned a lot about the history of the conference," says Ashley. "We, as RGD Members and Canadian designers, are lucky to call this conference ours."

"The long-standing relationships that the RGD has built with so many prominent designers on a global scale is really special. We had many speakers chat about how much they enjoy speaking at the conference. The RGD team works so hard to ensure that both attendees and speakers have an enjoyable experience," adds Nicola

A new episode releases every Monday starting April 29 with bonus episodes, featuring our past Brand Partners including Vanessa Eckstein RGD (blok design), Hans Thiessen RGD (Rethink) and Howard Poon RGD (DDB Canada), released on Wednesdays. 

Subscribe to the DesignThinkers Podcast on all podcast apps, including on Apple and Spotify.  


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