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InspirationMar 02, 2023

CASCO rebrands LIDC for their 25th Anniversary

By Diego Casco RGD, Creative Director, CASCO Agency


LDIC's reputation has grown over the years and as they approached their 25th anniversary, it was time for their brand to get a refresh. As their strategic creative partner, CASCO Agency took on the extensive assignment.


At CASCO, our design methodology is heavily reliant on brand strategy. Our research began by diving into a positioning process that takes a hard look at the current business environment to help us understand what is relevant to investors. We also gained valuable insights from in-depth conversations with the firm's leaders. This led us to develop a concise statement "Wealth Longevity" which stands for LDIC at its core and was also incorporated in the new branding. 

We developed a refined wordmark by enhancing the existing griffin and conducted a font study to find typography that would complement the fine details of the symbol. The fresh colour palette was carefully selected to reflect warm and comforting environmental tones, evocative of moments like spending time with a loved one on a hazy summer afternoon by the lake. Through carefully selected custom and stock photography, the new brand expression speaks to LDIC's investment approach focused on capital preservation and accumulation. Enjoy wealth throughout life and when carefully managed, it passes from one generation to the next.

This new brand narrative led to the redesign of collateral materials, starting with a new set of business cards. The new website's design works well on both large screens and mobile devices, with an elegant and intuitive layout. In addition, a newly designed newsletter system is equipped with seasonal banners that will address LDIC's communication needs in the present and future.


LDIC has enthusiastically embraced the new brand platform. Wealth Longevity has become their trademark as it strongly resonates with them and their clientele. Their client outreach initiatives have been reignited and new client acquisition plans for 2023 are well underway, with a focus on targeting younger audiences.

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