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Diti KatonaRGD


Member since August 01, 1997

Intro slide with words Design in Canada
Intro slide with words Design in Canada
Video Jan 04, 2022
Panel Discussion presented at DesignThinkers 2021 Virtual

Can chaos be a driver for innovation and change? How does one work best in the high-pressure problem-solving environments so common to creative and design professionals? Join our panelists as they share their experiences with creative chaos...

Video Nov 03, 2016

Moderator Emily Cohen and panelists Erik Kessels, Erin Sarofsky, DitiKatona RGD, Meg Lewis and Stefan Bucher discuss the keys to their success operating a variety of money-making ventures that harness their creative energies. For a designer...

Video Nov 06, 2015

A strong brand identity is an integral part of any new product launch, often as important as the product itself. However, with the prohibitive cost of top tier branding talent, start-ups are turning to brand agency partnerships. Diti presen...