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Maggie OstlerRGD


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Maggie Ostler RGD

I love tackling problems with creative and informed solutions, leading and working with a team that is grounded yet empowered to bring out the very best of their unique abilities. I believe we are at our best when we creatively push boundaries and explore possibilities while still working within brand standards and adhering to a creative brief. I understand the importance of developing and working within a set of brand standards and have worked with some of the biggest brands in entertainment (The Simpsons, Ice Age, SpongeBob, Lego) working directly with the great creative minds at 20th Century Studios (Disney), Warner Bros, BBC Earth, Nickelodeon, Aardman, and others. In January 2022 I shifted gears, joining the amazing team of creatives and strategic thinkers at WS. Check us out at

Toronto, ON

Member since 01, 14

Creative Director @ WS