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The ARTA Annual: 60 Years of Looking Ahead

The ARTA Annual front cover and two inside spreads

Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA)

Edmonton, AB

This project blended the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) annual report with a 60-year retrospective of the organization. The goals were to report ARTA’s activities and achievements to stakeholders, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the organization and to cultivate a high degree of engagement with the audience. To achieve these goals, the team made use of historical archives to create an accurate approximation of a high school yearbook from 1963, including period-accurate fonts, images, advertisements and layouts. In yearbook style, historical photos of ARTA’s current Board of Directors and previous Executive Committees from over the years were included. Special copies were printed in hard copy and passed around at ARTA’s AGM to be signed by all attendees. The success of the project was evident in the enthusiastic responses received from ARTA’s key stakeholders, as well as heightened participation and a desire for their own copies of the report to keep – a rare request when it comes to organizational documentation.

ARTA Annual open spread preview of council members

Judge’s Pick

Thomas Markert, Vice President Brand Design at DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga, Frankfurt, Germany

“I chose the annual report by ARTA because I appreciated the fusion of nostalgia and innovation, capturing the essence of 1963-era yearbooks while delivering a comprehensive reflection on ARTA’s six decades of excellence. I admired how it seamlessly blended history with contemporary design, executed in all aspects of the yearbook with a good sense of humour. The inclusion of faux advertisements and yearbook-style photos adds a charming touch, fostering a sense of community and celebration. Additionally, the decision to print a few special copies with hardcovers was a thoughtful touch. This project exemplifies how thoughtful design choices can transform a traditional document into a captivating narrative that resonates deeply with its audience, earning it recognition as my Judge’s Pick.”

ARTA Annual open spread preview of expenses


  • Alberta Retired Teacher’s Association
  • Creative Direction & Design: Virginia Quist RGD
  • Writing & Editing: Robert Michon, Amanda Shaw