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Jun 01, 2022

What’s Possible

Megan Bowker
Megan Bowker on stage presenting

About this video


From Alaska to NYC. How growing up in Wasilla, playing team sports and having an early affinity for toothpaste packaging turned into a career in design and shaped Megan's perspective on it. How do we build teams? Who is our work for? Why does it matter?


Megan Bowker

Megan is a Design Director at COLLINS where she works across both the New York City and San Francisco offices. She leads relationships with global brands and next-generation start-ups. Her work covers a wide range of clients and mediums, but all braid strategic intent with design and creativity. She has led complex design systems for brands including Target, HBO, Warner Music and the Girl Scouts of America. Megan also teaches advanced typography and design at the School of Visual Arts. A graduate of SVA, Megan is already on her way to becoming the second most famous person from Wasilla, Alaska, where she kicked ass as the captain of her high school basketball team.