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Jan 04, 2022

What's culture got to do with it?

Keni Thacker
Keni Thacker presenting

About this video


As an active advocate, activist and practitioner in the diversity and inclusion space, Keni pondered this question. And the answer, he explains, is straightforward. Everything! Join Keni as he digs deep into the intersectionality of diversity, culture and inclusion and how leaders and employees can be active participants in the growth of their knowledge of all three while building an environment where all employees from all walks of life can thrive.


Keni Thacker

Keni has committed his heart and soul to his tireless quest to level the playing field for diverse talent. While everyone sits around and talks (and talks and talks) about the lack of diversity, Keni does something about it. And not something small but something game-chang-ing. He single-handedly built solid campaigns for underserved communities while curating hard conversations around race and social understanding for J. Walter Thompson (now Wunderman Thompson) diversity and inclusion arm called Differenter from 2011 through 2015. He is also an award-winning influencer and diversity advocate devoted to outreach programs and mentorship. In 2017, he was named one of the 4A 100 People That Make Advertising Great. NV Magazine featured him as one of their Champions of Inclusion while also receiving a citation from the City of New York/Borough of Brooklyn. In 2021 he was honoured by the Advertising Club of New York with their Innovator Award and was also named one of Adweek's 2021 Creative Visionary Award honourees as their Change Creator of the Year. His creative diversity consultancy Keni Thacker LLC works with advertising agencies big and small. Keni has appeared in Adweek, Ad Age, Digiday, Business Insider, Fortune, The Drum and NV Magazine, and on a multitude of international podcasts.