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May 11, 2022 Available for 6 days

What I’ve learned after creating 100 podcast episodes about design

About this video


Presented by Diana Varma RGD

In 2019, Diana Varma RGD dove into the world of podcasting, launching Talk Paper Scissors – a podcast about creativity in graphic communications. This channel allows Diana to explore her multi-passionate interests in the worlds of design and creativity. With listeners on six continents and thousands of minutes of content produced, she’s learned a lot in the first 100 episodes about the breadth and depth of creative processes. In this talk, Diana shares the major lessons learned about universal experiences related to design and creativity, and what that means for each of our own creative practices. For example, what can a henna artist teach us about storytelling? How are the Gutenberg Bible and the typeface Papyrus connected? How does ensuring the digital spaces we design are accessible help all users, no matter their abilities? Diana aims to share some invaluable lessons she’s learned in the first 100 episodes of her podcast, including the incredible opportunity for interconnectedness that design and creative practices afford.

In this talk, you will learn:

1. The top lessons learned after producing 100 podcast episodes about design.

2. What we can learn from amateurs and professionals alike about creativity and what this means for our own creative practices.

3. The interconnections between seemingly disparate and diverse individuals when explored through the lens of creativity, design and storytelling.

About Diana Varma RGD

Diana is a professional lecturer and educator in the graphic arts industry, so delivering presentations is what she does best! She teaches within the School of Graphic Communications Management (GCM), as well as the Master of Digital Media (MDM) Program at Ryerson University. She has also spoken at many conferences in Canada and in the US on a range of topics in the graphic arts industry; from augmented reality technology in Chicago, IL, to hiring strategies for print professionals in Las Vegas, NV, to designing a podcast brand identity in Toronto. She has attended RGD conferences and was a presenter at the Creative Directions 2021 conference. It’s always been a great experience and she is excited by the prospect of presenting again!

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