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May 02, 2019

What happens when every designer at a big company puts down their swords and works as one?

Jenny Lam, Hillel Cooperman
jenny Lam and Hillel Cooperman presenting on stage

About this video


For decades, Jenny and Hillel have been advocating that brand design and product design work as one indivisible unit in large companies. While a few notable companies do this, most don't. Are these companies unenlightened or do they know something we don't know? Join Jenny and Hillel as they explain how they are co-leading design at a 140,000- person Silicon Valley icon and how they are putting their own advice into action. What is happening? How does it work? Is it making a difference to the company bottom line? Will they discover a downside? Who will sit on the iron throne? And how did they convince such a large company to give this a try? Jenny and Hillel answer these questions and more.


Jenny Lam


Hillel Cooperman