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Sept 11, 2020

Using Strategic Design to Maximize Impact

Kyle Schruder RGD

About this video


This session is designed for early to mid-career designers looking to expand on the problem-solving capabilities of design and want to add a new tool to their kit. In this workshop, participants learn to better understand the end-to-end journey of who they are designing for before jumping to creating solutions. Participants get hands-on experience reviewing research to map a user journey, identifying opportunity areas where design will have the most significant impact and rapidly prototyping solutions for those opportunity areas. In addition to larger presentation elements, attendees also break out into smaller groups for further discussion.

Kyle Schruder RGD

Creative Currency

I lead design at Creative Currency, leveraging my background in editorial design and branding to lead projects that help organizations tell their stories more effectively, present information more clearly, and engage audiences more deeply.

I also serve on the RGD Board of Directors, and volunteer for committees, mentoring, portfolio reviews and more.