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Aug 31, 2023

Using Constraints: Authenticity, Aesthetics and Accessibility

Em Harmsen
Image of presenter Em Harmsen

About this video


This webinar will cover some of the work that Em does in her design studio and how having a through line of accessibility from the root of what you do makes for better, more responsible design overall. When thinking of the sustainability of a product, the life span, the usability/functionality, while also being mindful of aesthetics — she aims to provide tangible examples of how creating from an accessible place promotes innovative thinking. She will also chat about co-design and the importance of gaining insights from varied lived experiences, speaking from her perspective as a designer. Targeting those at early stages of their freelance or business endeavours to incorporate accessible and inclusive practices from the beginning. Overall, sharing her view that broadening one's scope beyond their own senses is a catalyst for heightened creative ideation.

Moderated by Wendy Tabor RGD


Em Harmsen

Em is the founder of emske, a design studio with a social conscience offering products and services that are responsibly designed. Em has backgrounds in fashion, tech, art and accessibility. She has degrees from TMU and Queen's U in the design fields and is active in her local community supporting arts, design and accessibility initiatives.