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Nov 14, 2023

Typography in Digital Environments and Future Technologies

Eleni Beveratou

About this video


Through technological advancement over the last few years, and with the additions of AR and VR media, the creation of relevant typefaces has become a necessity. Typefaces that don't focus solely on aesthetics, but are also multifunctional, scalable and accessible. Type is an ever-more powerful tool with new possibilities continuously opening up in unexplored fields. Through the use of pre-existing type technologies and the introduction of variable fonts, Eleni explains how it is now possible to not only respond to a type immediate context but to also anticipate its use in VR, AR and mixed reality environments. Join her as she explains how we ensure that type remains effective even as the ways we ;consume written content are ever-changing.


Eleni Beveratou

Eleni is a typeface designer from Athens, Greece and Creative Director at Dalton Maag. While working toward her MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, she developed an interest in the science of reading for the partially sighted. Her research and findings were published in Digital Fonts and Reading by World Scientific. At Dalton Maag, Eleni has worked on projects with brands such as Airbnb, Oracle and Facebook.