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Dec 15, 2012

The Typographic Magpie

Kris Sowersby

About this video


The colonial experience in New Zealand led to a “rapid power of adaptability to circumstance”, developing into a cultural phenomenon known as the No. 8 Wire mentality. Ever since native New Zealand Maori embraced and adapted Christianity, “cross-cultural pollination” is how the country seems to have adapted. New Zealand’s youth and isolation explains the absence of a “Kiwi” typeface design history. Kris explains how he’s dealt with this absence byworking with a mentality of No. 8 Wire and pollination.


Kris Sowersby

Based in New Zealand, Kris Sowersby founded Klim Type Foundry in 2005. His first retail typeface, Feijoa, was released onto the international market in 2007. National, his second retail release, Serrano and Hardys won Certificates of Excellence from the Type Designers Club. Kris has worked with, and for, such contemporary typographic luminaries as Christian Schwartz, Erik Spiekermann, DNA Design and Pentagram.