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May 02, 2019

The Power of Your Story by Stevie Nguyen

Stevie Nguyen on stage presenting

About this video


As designers, we believe in the power of stories to compel our audiences and to inform our decisions. We ask the people who use our products to share their stories so that we can improve their experiences. I challenge us to practice the same methodology in our lives. In every role we take on now, we need to feel the responsibility to protect others. As educators, we need to make space for students to bravely address the hard questions and ask for help when they need it. As team leads, we need to practice being vulnerable about our capacity and needs. As facilitators, we need to prioritize the voices of people who are unseen and unheard. How can sharing your story change someone else? What could someone do differently because you shared what you've learned? How can you remove barriers for those who have been excluded?